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Easily remove side strip from the Video Thumbnail in Windows 10

by Sagar Jain
side strip from the Video Thumbnail

Have you been struggling with changing the side strip in the thumbnail on windows? Nevermore, it’s quite easy to do it yourself, and you need to tweak a little Registry to do so.


With the steps below, you can easily remove the side strip from the Video Thumbnail.



1. Press start then type regedit.exe and Press {ENTER} alternatively you can use Win+R and type regedit.exe to Open it.


2. Then navigate to the following registry:




You can do this for both video and image.


3. In the right-pane, double-click on Treatment and set its value data to 0 or as per your preference.


Data Effect

0 – No Adornment

1 – Drop Shadow

2 – Photo Border

3 – Video Reel


4. Then Click Ok and Exit the Regedit.


5. Lastly, log off and log in to your Computer, and bingo the side strip will be gone.


Please, comment below if you have any suggestion for this.

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