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Resolve common HTTPS insecure site and mix-content warning Error

by Sagar Jain
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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) provides security which helps to secure transaction between server and browser. Most blog owner switching to the SSL as it helps with SEO and gaining the trust with their audience.

A most common problem many blog owner faces after adding an SSL certificate is that:

  1. your browser shows insecure site 
  2.  mixed content warnings
  3. your connection is not private
  4. https not secure message in chrome
  5. your connection to this site is not fully secure

The outcome will be different depends on the different browser.

This problem usually occurs because of the content of the website still using HTTP instead of HTTPS and the browser gets confused with the mix-content and shows insecure site while browsing.

For example, a link of Image on your blog is like http://images.com/image.png it should be https://images.com/image.png.

Fixing this is simple, and you need to tweak a few settings to do so:

Adding code to your .htaccess file

1. Head over to the file manager and select .htaccess

2. Right-click and then edit

4. Add the following line anywhere

Header always set Content-Security-Policy “upgrade-insecure-requests;”

These step will help the browser to update any insecure links automatically to the secure links, and the warning should be gone if you refresh the website.

Resolve in WordPress sites

WordPress offers various plugins to improve the working environment of site one such plugin to fix this problem easily is Rally Simple SSL.

Currently, 4.4 Million Website use this plugin, and with few clicks, you can quickly get rid of insecure website problem.

Additionally, if you don’t want to add any plugin to your site head over to the below article to learn step by step process to fix the insecure link or website problem.

If you would like to discuss something or need to provide additional content, please comment below.

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