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Make Money Generating Leads For Real Estate Agents

by Sagar Jain
Generating Leads For Real Estate Agents

While licensed real estate agents make money selling property, you can also generate leads for local real estate agents. You need to generate leads for real estate agents on properties for sale and refer these to your partner agent/broker who closes the deal.

You then collect your share of the pie upon full or partial payment of the property. It’s like being a referral agent who earns by looking for people hunting for property to buy and then referring them to a company or an individual who can meet their needs.

But first, you’ll have to find a partner broker. The first and easiest way is to scout around for properties that are for sale in your neighborhood. Takedown the contact numbers and the dates when you saw the “for sale” sign and when the “sold” sign appears.

You want to deal with a broker who sells such properties the fastest rather than those with many “for sale” signs. You may also contact your neighbors, relatives, or even an architect if they know of a reliable real estate agent you can do “business” with.

Looking up print ads in your local newspaper, attending Open Houses, or searching online for agent listings are other options. Contacting and meeting them will help you size up the personality and dependability of an agent as your prospective partner.

Once you’ve chosen your partner, you can begin exploring prospects and possible arrangements on how you can earn by helping them out in prospecting saleable properties. The agent may agree to give you an outright fee for every “highly probable” prospect you refer to, or it might be a “finder’s fee” for every sale your agent makes from your referrals.

It all depends on the type of arrangement that will result in a “Win-Win” deal between you and your partner agent.

It would be great, though, if you already have a particular property in mind which the agent can work on. After all, there’s nothing like talking about an actual sale to get your partnership off to a good start. It is enough to get their attention at the onset and fast forward your opportunity to make money generating leads for local real estate agents.

You could augment your efforts by leafleting your local area and including your partner agent’s contact numbers. Just remember to include a reference number on each leaflet you send out so that your partner will know that the lead came from you. Otherwise, you could miss out on your commission.

Going online in search of potential customers is an even faster alternative. And if putting up your website is too tedious, you could always sign up for your own Facebook account and create a page for your real estate “business.” With Facebook, you increase your chances of finding a potential client among your network of friends and their circles and enable existing clients to stay in touch with you and refer you to their friends, business associates, colleagues, and family members.

Once you’ve created your page, convert it to work like another website. Get hold of a “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) program, which is a great help in getting people to find you. Include other links or “calls to action” that will lead visitors to the specific information they’d want, such as “Search Properties Now,” “Foreclosure Deals,” or “Hot Property Alerts,” which you have personally searched.

Besides, you can run Facebook ads to attract more traffic, and then add your domain to your business card and other printed marketing collaterals you decide to use. Remember to keep track of your lead generation and conversion stats on what specific sections of your site are most visited. It will allow you to further focus your efforts on those areas which property hunters are most interested in.

Add full names, photos, contact numbers, and testimonials from your previous “clients” to enhance your credibility. People naturally don’t trust strangers most notably on their first encounter, and testimonials can vouch for your name and trustworthiness.

As you gain experience and “expertise” in generating leads, you can also go into real estate blogging. Once you’re able to publish such material and people get to read it, they will realize that you know your “craft,” that you’re active in the market, and that you’re there to help.

But being visible, trustworthy, and generating traffic to your site is just one half of your task. It would help convert your visitors into real estate leads and then work with your partner to convert those leads into clients. It would help if you got them to respond and interact with you.

Try adding chat programs, contact forms, and other means by which people can interact with you. Posting your cellular phone number or investing in “text brigades” may also open doors. Don’t just stick with your website or hand out flyers. Experiment with various strategies and emphasize the means that best works for you. Your being visible, trustworthy, and interactive will eventually pay off not only for yourself but also for your partner agencies.

Are you making money by generating leads for real estate agents or thinking about doing so? Be sure to share your comments, thoughts, ideas below…

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