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Best Grocery Shopping APP in India in 2020

by Sagar Jain
Grocery Shopping APP

Indian economy is booming with the investment in many sectors across several fields; one such fast-growing field is Grocery. Many major Giants like Amazon, Walmart (via Flipkart), Jiomart, Grofers, BigBasket, etc. investing heavily in the grocery sector resulting increase in competition and offering various offers lure the customers.

It becomes hard to choose which Grocery Shopping APP is best and which isn’t so I’ll share my experience which one you should consider –

  • Bigbasket:- When it became App of choice?:- when Payzapp 25% or CitiCredit 20% cashback offers used to Run. It still was App of choice when one could get a 15% minimum discount/cashback i.e., Period Before Lockdown. Initially, in Lockdown, it was again the App of choice because one of the few platforms was delivering despite max. 10% cashback/discount. But after one month of Lockdown, it had moved down much lower in my preference list.

– Advantage:- Widest Range of Products; Support system is also good.

– Advice:- Take BBstar membership, and the minimum order amount reduces to 600.

  • Amazon:- It becomes App of choice whenever Pantry cashback offers Runs. Amazon one could get a 15% minimum discount with bank offers. It usually hops back in and out of App of choice.

– When it became App of choice?:- In 2nd month of Lockdown, when it gave 300Cashback on 1000 in addition to Payment offers for old users. And since one can get 15% savings, its always in Top3 App to order Grocery.

– Disadvantage:- Vegetables/Fruits/Dairy is not available (Available on AmazonFresh but the price might be bit higher even after offers)

  • Flipkart Supermart:- It becomes App of choice whenever multiple cashback offers get combined. Plus one can get quickly 10-15% savings here + Rs1 deals +prices of FEW items on Flipkart is incomparable

– When it became App of choice?:- Last month when one could combine 3-4 100 off coupon + 10% savings via Payment + grocery savings pass cashback + Rs1 deals

– Disadvantage:- Minimum order amount for Free delivery is a bit higher; Range is a bit limited.

– Advice:- App to order Selected Products once in few months

  • Grofers :- Register Here

– Disadvantage:- Stock is good but mostly inbuilt brand products; Discount/cashback is around 10% max

– When it became App of choice?:- Uggh Never for me. Only ordered, I think twice in current year b/c I had Wallet balance + MX player 10% discount code.

  • Jiomart :- Pricing is competitive and catching with payment offers.

– Advantage:- Pricing Of Fruits and Vegetables is the best of all.

– Disadvantage:- Can’t be Trusted for Delivery of Soft or Tender Fruits and Vegetables in good condition; Support system is almost non-existing; Range can be improved by making available all instore items online.

– Advice:- Don’t order Fruits and Vegetables, which can be crushed + Order with Caution as its Jiomart(beta), so some might have issues.

Few other apps which are NOT long-term options in Getting Grocery (Order only till they have Offers Running)

  • Eat.Fit :- Narrowest Range of products calling it range is an insult to the word itself. But it was best in getting Those selected products like Aashirvaad Atta, Saffola Oil, Oats, Cornflakes, Milk, Bread, Selected 24mantra pulses, and well, the range is over.

– Advantage:- Quick delivery within 2 hours and when Phonepe Offer was running 45% savings on selected products.

– Disadvantage:- Limited area serviceable, Limited stock, and limited range and Phonepe Switch offers are not always running.

– When it became App of choice?:- With Phonepe Switch, Eat.fit offers it was App of choice for very few products during Lockdown. But once phonepe offers disappeared last month, Eat.fit also disappeared from the list of App to order Grocery from. Not useful Now

  • Magicpin :- 2 ways to get Grocery:- Buy local Grocery shop vouchers or Do Magicorder (pickup+delivery both options)

– When it became App of choice? It is currently App of choice for the past one month since it started BigFridaySale.

– Advantage:- Discounts started at 65% when BigFridaySale started one month back and is currently 50%.

– Disadvantage:- A Lot, and if one has no experience using Magicpin, then it’s a bit difficult too. Limited location served, and one needs magic points for discounts.

Also, one needs to find a store that accepts magicpin(as few listed stores don’t accept despite being listed by magicpin), etc.

– Advice:- Avoid it if you are Lazy and many more

The choice keeps changing every time. The one offering the Best price for items of need at a time of need become app/website of choice is the best Grocery Shopping APP.

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