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Make Money And Win Prizes With Online Competitions

by Sagar Jain
Win Prizes With Online Competitions

There are many ways that one can make money on the internet, but relatively few realize that you can make money and win decent prizes with online competitions. Most people are understandably reluctant to online competitions, thinking most of these are bogus and scams until they win their first prize.

There are indeed valuable prizes given away, such as electronic gadgets, appliances, and product gifts. Some companies give out prizes as big as all-expense-paid trips, shopping sprees, and large amounts of cash in online competitions, so joining can be a worthwhile venture.

Joining online competitions is easy as there are hundreds to choose from, but to win the prizes requires more effort. The key to make money and win prizes with online competitions is to join as many competitions as you can. It, of course, increases your chances of winning. The term ‘comping’ has even been coined to refer to this. Motivated by the fabulous prizes, some people become serious compers and make a career out of joining online competitions.

Participating in the contest is relatively easy too. Most of these are free draws, lottery or simple question-and-answer, multiple-choice types of contests that are easy to handle and often enjoyable. If some questions challenge you, you can quickly help yourself by searching the internet for answers. And besides, should you find yourself in a rut, you can quickly sign out and move on to the next competition.

With the large variety of online competitions to choose from, you will have the luxury of choosing the type of game that suits you or the prizes being offered. Some people opt to join those who are not very popular or have fewer participants to have less competition. Thus they increase their chances of winning. Making money and winning prizes with online competitions requires a certain amount of strategy and planning.

Online competitions are usually created by companies to promote a product or service. It is also a way for them to build a mailing list to promote their products since relevant information such as name and email address is usually required from the contestants when they join.

Some competitions are also created as an incentive for people to participate in online surveys. As long as it doesn’t ask for delicate information, it is perfectly safe to participate in such surveys.

If you have joined a lot of online competitions, expect a deluge of promotional emails too. It is advisable to create a separate email account specifically for your online competition transactions. Although they are generally safe, it is better to create a separate email account for this to separate the promotional emails from your mails.

To start joining, surf the internet for online competitions. Some websites list down and review these online competitions and suggest good ones to join. It saves you time from having to go through hundreds of competition websites, so take advantage of this.

To make money and win prizes with online competitions, it is usually your own time limiting just how far you can go. Some serious compers even gear up their computers, building upon speed to allow them to join as many competitions in as little time possible.

They sometimes use software applications to speed up, filling out registration forms, and minimize mistakes in entering data, which might disqualify them from winning. You can do the same too.

It is proven that you indeed can make money and win prizes with online competitions, so make it your serious business. It is one money-making venture where there is absolutely no initial capital and no other primary input except time. If you have lots of it, then you can make a decent amount of additional money. If you don’t, then there are tools and strategies to make the most available time.

Either way, making money and winning prizes with the online competition is a sure win for you.

To further increase your chances of making money and winning prizes with online competitions, it pays attention to small details…

  • When signing up, make sure all required fields are completely and correctly filled in. It can be disheartening to win a competition yet get disqualified from accepting your prize because of technicality in filling in the forms.
  • Provide your correct name and other relevant information. In case you win, the company would need to establish your identity when you claim your prize.
  • Read up on the rules and regulations of the competition and understand them thoroughly so you can play correctly.
  • Please note all the competitions you have entered into by keeping a list of the URLs and monitoring them regularly.
  • For competitions you are interested in joining but find the prize not as enticing as you want it to be, you can still join and then take advantage of online auctions to sell off your prize in case you win and get cash in return for the winning products.

Are you an online competition junky? Be sure to share your comments, thoughts, ideas below…

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