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Easy Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

by Sagar Jain
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Let’s face it — the current economy is too bad, and what’s worse is that the recession always hits us plus Covid-19 (Coronavirus). Bills and expenses seem to be making our lives more stressed. Primary income isn’t enough to manage our finances. We do need a secondary income, and if you are ready to take one, here is something to pick from. I will be listing you few great ways to make extra money from home. Read on.

How To Make Extra Money From Home?

Whether you are trying to save money or find it hard to manage your expenses, below-listed tips are sure to help you. And if you have any other suggestions, do share with us in the comments section.

Sell Homemade Food

If you love cooking and serving your delicious dishes to others, you could undoubtedly start this business on the side and pave the way for a secondary income. People moving from their hometowns and living in cities often miss homemade food. Now, if you are giving them that, they will readily pay you any amount. But make sure it is 100% homemade and delicious. Once you establish yourself and build a good reputation, you can take your business to a higher level, probably big enough to leave your full-time job.

Sell Your Expertise

If you are good at something, you could think of selling your expertise to someone who needs it. It can be anything. Say, for example, workout tips, beauty, healthcare, technology, foreign languages… Start teaching others and be paid in turn for your expertise. It can be done in two ways. One, go to a school or start tutoring online. It is entirely up to you. Either way, it will fetch you a good income on the side. I know a few of my friends making good money by teaching cooking, crafting, soap making, gardening, candle making, dog training, dancing, and even yoga. The key here is to make your classes sound unique & irresistible. Keep it interactive. People want to learn to be fun. It will popularize you, and more people will want to come to you.

Sell Your Hairs, Plasma & Breast Milk

Sounds weird when you hear all these? But these days people do it, and the best part is that they are making good money out of it. Yes, of course, it is illegal to sell your kidneys & lungs but not your tresses and plasma. The government legally permits trade plasma for money in the United States. I have heard that few clinics in big cities pay more than $35 for plasma donation. The process takes about an hour, and you could donate two times a week. However, you got to be drug-free and healthy for this.

Same way, even tresses can be sold for money. However, your hairs should be well-maintained, 10-inches long, and not colored. Natural silky hairs go for a more significant price. Online websites like HairTrader serve an excellent platform for people wanting to buy or sell hairs. Sales on this website range from a few hundred dollars to more than one thousand for generous hair length.

Freelance Writer

If you are good at English grammar and have creative writing skills, you will probably make an extra income. There was a time when people struggled to post their articles on popular magazines or have them published. However, things are very different now. You have the internet today. You don’t have to wait for those responses from editors. People these days don’t have the patience to… Anytime you have the option of becoming a freelance writer of your preferred genre. And if you are lucky, you can get a job right away. Better your abilities are, better your writing rates and projects will be.

House-sit, Babysit Or Pet-sit For Someone

One of the best ways to make extra money from home is to babysit, pet-sit, or house-sit for someone in need. But do this only if you know how to carry out things properly. Those full-time working parents, who have worn-out with their babies, have almost forgotten that they’re still couples. So, why don’t you babysit & house-sit for them and make them happy? The best part is that you will be paid handsomely. I know one of my friends who charges $10 per hour to babysit. So, why not you?

Test Websites

If you are good at analyzing things, you could probably test websites and make extra money from home. There are many online websites to help you. One such is UserTesting, where they provide you software which you will be installing on your personal computer or laptop. It will track your mouse movements & asks you to describe a video while using a website. Once you answer their questions, you will be paid about $10 for each website you review.

Look For Circulating Coinage

I have read about many people who continuously collect coins and make a good income (about $500) by looking for circulating coinage. As a side business, this is a decent income. They pay banks for rolls of coins, usually incomplete boxes & sort to find stuff that doesn’t belong. Say, for example, half dollars weren’t made from 90% silver after the year 1965; however, they had 40% silver in it until 1970. On the other hand, dollar errors (presidential) could be worth about $50 – $5,000 each.

Sell Your Craft Collection Online

Making extra money from home is pretty much easier if you are crafty and already have some collections. You could all sell them down for a high price at Etsy.com. Unlike other craft websites, the registration process at Etsy is free. However, you have to pay 20¢ for listing your item and a commission whenever your item makes a sale. There is no limit for setting prices, but each time it sells, you should pay 3.5% of the selling price.

Give Opinion & Get Paid

Another great way to make money from home is by participating in various focus groups and giving opinions. Just contributing 1-hour could help you earn about $100 or even more. Product trials, phone surveys, and online surveys could also fetch you around $5 – $150. 

Take Surveys And Get Paid

The chances are that you might have already tried a few surveys and been cheated. If you have almost lost hope, then hold on because guys at SurveySpot.com are 100% genuine. They not only need your opinion but also pay for what you say. Registration is free & once you sign in, you will receive around 5 to 7 surveys every week to finish. For every completed survey, they pay $2 to $10.

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