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How to Make Money Playing Video Games

by Sagar Jain
how to make money playing video games

Ever wondered how to make money playing video games? Making money by playing games is almost like a dream come true of millions of gamers worldwide. However, very few succeed in it. While it might seem almost an unfeasible dream, many gamers are making big money out of it. They have made this as their daily living. Now, if you are a good gamer and wish you could make a decent income by playing games, here is something essential for you to read.

How To Make Money Playing Video Games?

Whether you are trying to make an additional income on the side or just wanting to learn the various ways to make money by playing games, this article is something you need to read. The ways those gamers make money playing video games are just fascinating. You will love it even if you don’t want to try it initially. Right from eSport athletes earning 6 figures every year by winning game tournaments in front of huge crowds to gaming testers earning nearly a minimum pay, making money playing games is still diverse and broad. Let me also clear you that this is not a get-rich-fast guide. Like other money-making sectors, competition is fierce for many of the methods listed here. If earning money by playing games was that simple, everyone would be doing it. It is not to discourage you from doing it. I am just making you aware that it is not that easy as it sounds. You need to give it some time.

Note: Quitting your full-time job/dropping from school, assuming that you will earn big by playing video games, is not recommended.

Farm Different Game Items And Gold

There is no doubt that “gold farming” has been there for a very long time. Now, if you are a significant gamer who has played few massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) like “WOW (World of Warcraft),” no wonder you must have seen those spammers advertising or promoting their gold prices in the game. This kind of item selling is again there for a long time too. Diablo-II had few black market-style websites wherein players had the chance to sell items to different players for the money. Selling gaming goods virtually went a big hit with Diablo III. Instead of getting your gaming account banned for such things, virtual game item trading was highly appreciated. Currency selling was incorporated in the game. It was not only permitted but was also greatly encouraged. This trick helped Blizzard to make in millions int he same time. They took $1 from every sale.

Win Different eSport TournamentsGame tournaments are usually for high skilled players, and if you are one among them, you could easily make money from it. Video games, which are played professionally at tournament levels, are frequently called “eSports.” And the prizes for the winning team is surprisingly huge – somewhere around 1 million dollars. But it is clearly understood that hardly a few players win money from such tournaments. Professional players who make it to this level are incredibly talented and dedicated.

Try Becoming A Skilled Game Tester

If you want to know how to make money playing video games, I must write something about “Game Testers” here. Giant video gaming companies hire game testers to test their games. It is usually done in the game development phase. Once a tester reports a bug or a problem, he or she is instantly paid with big money. Though this kind of job was a big hit in the past, as far as I have researched and read about it, companies these days hardly pay much, barely above your minimum wage. On the other hand, game testers do not necessarily get to test the games they love. Often, they end up testing some kid’s games they hate.

Record Few Let’s Play Game Videos

Yet another great way to make money playing games is by recording a few game videos. Are you someone who plays plenty of games? If your answer is yes, consider recording some “Let’s Play Game Videos” and have them posted on YouTube. And don’t forget to enable monetization to start earning from it whenever a visitor watches your video. But this is not as easy as it seems – YouTube’s support pages tell us:

Video game content may be monetized if the associated systematic commentary is strictly tied to the live-action being shown and provides instructional or educational value.

Videos merely showing a user playing a video game or using software for extended periods may not be accepted for monetization.

You will have to give a running commentary on the entire video and not just have it recorded. You shouldn’t be silently playing the game. You got to explain the way you are playing and how it is precisely done. Though this kind of gaming tutorials are there for a long time, the competition is undoubtedly fierce. But there is no harm in trying. Who knows your videos become a big hit on the internet?

Share Your Expertise With Others

If you are an expert in playing games, then consider sharing your knowledge with other players online. Many players will readily pay you for the gaming tips you give. Heard of this website named “Killer Guides”? These guys allow you to write a few eBooks on gaming with which you can earn good money. You can even sell your eBooks to other websites like Amazon.

Write About Few Games

There are many gaming websites with ads on them & many pay decent money to their writers. Websites often need news, reviews, and everything people require knowing about games. Now, if you are a good writer, why not write a few rich articles on games and earn? If you want, you could also start your blog where you could write about different games and have it monetized.

Start Your Own Game Coaching Service

There might be many opportunities for one to start up his or her game coaching service. There is this online website named Gamer Coach, which lets people sell tutoring services worldwide. It is quite hard to believe, but a student of theirs is reported to earn $700 a week just for offering game lessons. Isn’t that cool? Even you can try this. Create a free profile on their website. If you want, you can even print a few promotional materials. For example, business cards and have them distributed to prospective students. Gamer Coach is designed in a way to take care of all of your payment processes. It even helps you set up tutoring appointments. But they charge a 15% commission for every transaction made.

Participate In These Game Shows

Participating in a few game shows is one of the most fun and easy ways to make extra money. To be honest, few shows are tough to enter in when compared to others. Nevertheless, consider registering in all so that becoming a contestant (a least one) is higher. If you are unaware of where to apply, here are few options to choose from.

  • Jeopardy: To get into Jeopardy, you need first to take their online test, which is held only on specific dates. Upcoming tests are declared on their show & their official website: Jeopardy.com. Their tests are given separately for different age groups: college students, adults, teens 13 – 17 years & kids between ages 10 & 12. If you do well in their online test (they will never tell your score), you have to give an audition. Furthermore, testing & personality interviews with their producers finally make you their gaming contestant. Check here for more information.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Millions and millions of players try their luck for Wheel of Fortune’s audition, but very few get an opportunity. They hardly select 500 contestants for the show. First, you have to register on their website. They will inform you once their “Wheelmobile (traveling audition van) is near your area. Applications are then drawn in random order throughout the event. They call individuals on the stage and ask them to form groups of 5, who are then supposed to give a very brief interview. Groups then play a few versions of Wheel of Fortune & win show-themed prizes. Finally, the most talented candidates are called back for participating in the show’s final auditions.
  • Let’s Make a Deal: To become a contestant in this, you need tickets for the show happening at Sunset Bronson Studios (Hollywood), California. Being among the audience offers you 1 in 18 possibilities of becoming a contestant. Check here for more information.
  • Family Game Night: This fantastic show is on the HUB network & gets kiddos involved. The contestants play versions of their preferred board games like Life, Battleship, Connect Four, and Operation. You can apply via online application & wait until you hear from their producer.
  • Price is Right: Contestants for this game are typically chosen among different ticket holders for the show held at Los Angeles, California. One can even audition at wherever it’s traveling audition bus stops. It happens every year, wherein producers select two contestants from every traveling audition, who appear for the show at California free! Read here for more information.

Character Sales

Transfer and character sales are yet another potentially known ways to make money from gaming. Investing a significant amount of energy and time on game characters is a waste. Well, few players sell all their characters via transfers. It gives fresh players a good start & original players some significant time investment. Like illegal game character leveling, trading characters are frequently banned by terms & conditions of different games. Still, it is not that hard to locate some high-level characters on websites like Craigslist or eBay. But remember, if you perform any action that breaks a game’s policies, the risk of losing access to that particular game is higher. You can even be prosecuted based on the region’s laws.

EVE Online

NowEVE Online does not directly let you earn money from their in-game items/currency. However, you can pay money for game-time with in-game currency. Meaning, your profits can help you continue playing the game free of cost. To facilitate this option, CCP created an in-game player license, which can be redeemed directly to extend the game subscription for thirty days. One can even pay for this item with real cash through CCP, permitting you to trade it to different players for in-game currency. Of course, this upsets some players. But frankly, it is a great way to earn revenue.

The Illegal Black Market

Whether a particular game authorizes real-time trading virtual items or not, there’s always a black market world. If you are a skilled player, you might have already known this. It isn’t that hard to discover a website that trades in-game currency for some popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft (WOW), Guild Wars, Aion Online, etc. Once players make a purchase, in-game agents deliver the cash. Game publishers are continuously trying to crack down this activity. However, it can be too complex to detect & enforce. Think of how many e-transactions (in-game) are made legally & how simple it is to fake someone supplemented with real-world funds? It is exactly what is happening. Someone or the other is always making a nice living by doing so. One of the most common services of such gold sellers is through character leveling. Just throw some amount of cash to them & they will level your game character to max. But do this with care because there are many spammers here too. Further, there is also a risk of your account being flagged/removed as soon as the IP of term violators are exposed.

I hope you loved knowing how to make money by playing video games. If you know any other trick to earn, which you think I have missed here, please drop them in the comments section.

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